Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coke's White-wash

Have you ever wondered what the result would be if a global megacorp that stands accused of assassinating trade union leaders in developing countries hired a songwriter who once beat a rival bandleader's face into a bloody pulp to write a jingle about how nice love is, and how neat it would be if we all did nice things for each other? Wonder no more! Head on over here to sate your curiosity. The worst part is... I think that it's a great ad. Somebody check- do I still have a soul?


Tim said...

Ok, ALIEN, thanks for the heads up. The link was bad, for me, but here's another link to the extended ad on youtube.

About the ad...probably the best commercial I've seen in a long time. Definitely the most rock and roll commercial of all time. I love it. But the question I have is, "Why, Jack, why?"

danszombathy said...

What was Jack thinking?

1. "Coke is going to give me a crap load of money for this."

2. "Coke drinkers everywhere will be compelled to purchase my latest album of retro turd-burgling!"

3. "I think Coke is a great product and want to turn my White Stripes fan base on to its great taste!"

Take your pick.