Wednesday, June 20, 2007

THAT THING IS HUGE! 17 is Prime vol 4


Yup, it's big. Bigger than you know! If it were a whale, it would be blue. If it were a planet, it would be Jupiter. If it were a sandwich, it would be the Triple Thickburger. We're talking massive! How you say could one group compile such a larger mix tape on such a small world wide web? Download and see for yourself.

Track listing and contributors:

01. Colossal-Wolfmother-BW
02. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)-Neil Young-JD
03. Heaven and Hell-The Who-JS
04. Filipino Box Spring Hog-Tom Waits-JS
05. Little Cream Soda-The White Stripes-BW
06. Journey in Satchidananda-Alice Coltrane-JH
07. Mister Kingdom-Electric Light Orchestra-JH
08. Better Bring Your Friends-The Secret Machines-JS
09. Devastation-The Besnard Lakes-JH
10. Like a Hurricane-Neil Young-JS
11. Snow Noise Assemblage-Cosmicdust-JH
12. New Noise-Refused-DS
13. Peacebone-Animal Collective-BW
14. The Crystal Cat-Dan Deacon-DS
15. The Prayer-Bloc Party-BW
16. Go Home, Get Down-DFA 1979-BW
17. Thou Shalt Always Kill-Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip-BW

DL link in comments.


Anonymous said...

Jason Heron said...
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Jason Heron said...

I think you credited me with one too many songs. I didn't choose "Like a Hurricane," but I want to know who did, because I was considering it. So either learn how to make a mix the Alien Corpse way, or not at all.

jason said...

mmmmm... like a hurricane. that was me. i planned on using the unplugged version for the small album, but the organ in it was to big (has anybody ever seen the "live rust" dvd, where all the instruments and speakers are about ten times bigger than neil? its kinda weird). can't wait to listen to this album.

Anonymous said...

BAH! I'm on it!

Jason Heron said...

Congratulations to John and Jason both for having a good idea for Neil Young's material, and to John specifically for seeing it through.
I like the BIG mix much better than the small mix, for some reason. But nothing will compare to the ferocious animal mix you, big but vanquished world, will be able to find here come next week.

Jason Heron said...

"The Crystal Cat" is the song of the week, in my book. I was curious about this Dan Deacon fellow, and now I'm sold. Thanks a lot, DS. Great pick.