Thursday, July 05, 2007

HOLLA! 17 is Prime vol 6

Volume 6 is flashin' and shinin'!

Track listing and contributors:

01. Friday Night-Girl Talk-BW
02. Objects of My Obsession-Peter, Bjorn, and John-JH
03. Three MC's and One DJ (Live Video Version)-Beastie Boys-TH
04. Like Gold-Erlend Øye-JH
05. Fix Up, Look Sharp-Dizzee Rascal-TH
06. Diamond-Low-JH
07. Benzie Box (Featuring Cee-Lo)-Danger Doom-TH
08. Greed-Fugazi-DS
10. Mansion in The Sky-The Brian Jonestown Massacre-DS
11. You Can Look But You Better Not Touch-Monawing-JH
12. Cold Gold Diamond-Blitzen Trapper-BW
13. Pile of Gold-The Blow-BW
14. Destination Diamonds-Diamond Nights-BW
15. Shining Escalade-Hot Chip-BW
16. Jesus Gonna Build Me a Home-John Davis-DS
17. Stunna Glasses-N/A-BW

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Szombathy said...

How did we not get the Streets on this mixtape? Shame on us!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I've been looking for that Monawing song for ages. The link doesn't work so I was wondering if you had the Monatones album? Aside from that, is there anyway you can send the album or song to me or make it available online? Here's my email:
A thousand thanks!