Monday, September 03, 2007

17 is Prime - Szombathy

It's time - 17 is Prime Szombathy is finally here. Tracklist as follows:

1. Gimmie Indie Rock - Sebadoh (III)
2. Venus (Remastered LP Version) - Television (Marquee Moon)
3. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo) - The Ramones (Ramones)
4. Left Of The Dial - The Replacements (Tim)
5. 7 Chinese Bros. - R.E.M. (And I Feel Fine... The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987)
6. History Lesson Part 2 - Minutemen (Double Nickels On the Dime)
7. Date With Ikea - Pavement (Brighten The Corners)
8. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr. (Bug)
9. Violet Execution (Remix '04) - Sebadoh (III)
10. Rain On Tin - Sonic Youth (Murray Street)
11. Grounded - Pavement (Wowee Zowee - Sordid Sentinels Edition (Disc 1))
12. Sons Of Apollo - Guided By Voices (Half Smiles Of The Decomposed)
13. Disorder - Gary Young's Hospital (The Grey Album)
14. Solid Jackson - Bright Eyes (A Collection Of Songs Written & Recorded 1995-1997)
15. Miss Misery (Early Version) - Elliott Smith (New Moon)
16. Unsatisfied - The Replacements (Let It Be)
17. Two-Headed Boy Part 2 - Neutral Milk Hotel (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea)

DL LINK IN COMMENTS - Let me know if there are any problems.


Tim Horsman said...

Download Link:

jason said...

it didn't work when i tried to download it. anybody else have that problem?

Tim Horsman said...

like the download doesn't work or the file doesn't work? You might need 7 Zip (google it) to decompress the file...I'm downloading it at work, we'll see if the thing works for me here.

Tim Horsman said...

here's the link for 7zip...sorry

Success! It worked for me at work, even the DRM-laden iTunes songs...take that Steve Jobs! Wait, he's not going to read this is he? Umm, I love you Steve, can I have an iPod?

Tim Horsman said...

Anyone able to hear this album? I gotta say this is pretty good stuff, Dan. There isn't one song that I hate...oh wait, there is...that blasted Bright Eyes!

Daniel Szombathy said...

My mix is an ode to indie rock, if you will, and it would be incomplete with Conor Oberst. He is indie rock right now, in my estimation. But even if you don't agree with that, you must see that "Solid Jackson" is a miny ode to the indie scene. Don't you miss seeing shows in people's basements? I do.

What do the rest of you think of my mix? Please, I need validation!