Wednesday, April 05, 2006

List #1: Top 5 songs.

Your iPod has malfunctioned and you can only manage to sqeeze 5 songs into its memory (but the battery just won't die), you are leaving to sail deep into the Pacific (who knows, maybe a deserted island is in your near future), and have no other way of hearing music until you return in 3 months. Which 5 songs occupy your pocket?

Here's a suggestion list to get you thinking.

  1. Sufjan Stevens ~ John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (Illinoise!)
  2. Weezer ~ Say It Ain't So (Weezer)
  3. The Ramones ~ Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
  4. Damien Jurado & Gathered in Song ~ Paper Wings (I Break Chairs)
  5. Sluttering (May 4th) ~ Jawbreaker (Dear You)


danszombathy said...

John Wayne Gacy is my fav on Illinoise, too. A song which reminds me of my human nature. I'll need that on the desert island. I will definitely need a good break-up song, so Sluttering is the best option, since it is the best break-up/I hate you/why did you destroy my soul song ever. But, look, Alien Corpse: if you are going to suggest a Ramones song, I suggest you do a little research as to the what album the Blitzkrieg Bop appears! It was on their first, self-titled album. Classic. But if I were to select just one Ramones song, I would pick, "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World," from the said album.

A top five Ramones songs of all time would be an interesting endeavor...

danszombathy said...

Wait...I just read your top five again, Alien Corpse. Did you actually write "Blitzkrieg POP"? Groan.

If you are going to be the be-all and end-all of all rock criticism, please get your song titles right, especially for one of the most influential bands of all time!

"Shoot 'em in the back now."


Excuse me dan. If you'll notice, it says blitzkrieg bop and does have the correct album title...

Ok, I did that after I re-read...Spellcheck isn't worth the code it's written in.

Tim said...

This is the BEST music site on the web. WOW! That Alien Corpse is spot on with his lists and reviews.

JohnLDrury said...

Why is it that a simple song like Say It Ain't Say can be listened too literally thousands of times and still be good, nay, even get better?

danszombathy said...

Ah...the magic and the mystery of that first Weezer album. How can that album still affect me through so many different stages of my life? I loved it in high school, I loved it in college, I love it as I approach 30. It can't just be the pop hooks and the power chords. I refuse to think I am that shallow. Dare I say that it could be the emotion and the longing that Rivers Cuomo built into those first two Weezer albums, lyrically and musically speaking? Is that the reason for their classic status?

"That is so...emotional."

Samuel Bills said...

I don't know - I have to dissent from the ALIEN CORPSE opinion.
Without totally remaking the list - I mean assuming we are on the island together and have only one playlist and are therefore arguing about the "best" possible playlist not merely our own personal.
I say 1) Sufjan - okay let's keep Sufjan but as much as I love this song I am haunted by it when I listen. Could we maybe have Chicago from the same album or He Woke Me Up Again from Seven Swans
2) I am glad Alien CORPSE remebers songs like this because I would have forgot and would have been a lesser island dweller as a result
3) I am voting with Dan for "Today Your Love Tomorrow the World"
4) I love this Damien song but if I could only have one it would be Circus Circus Circus - maybe that's a guilty pleaure Damien song
5) I must diverge here and just go with a song that I purely want to listen to on repeat - William Orbit "They Live in the Sky" from hiis new album - I won't even justify I am just putting it there.
Now if you need Jawbreaker I could trade the Ramones for Jawbreaker. That would just seem wrong but there is a lit to consider if we are compromising on a list.

Samuel Bills said...

okay on further thought - I want the Aphex Twin song Alberto Balsam rather than the W. Orbit song. If it matters

danszombathy said...

Sam, good call on "Circus, Circus, Circus".

My desert island top five songs:

"Love Will Tear Us Apart", Joy Division

"Run Through the Jungle", Creedance Clearwater Revival

"Oh Lord", Brian Jonestown Massacre

"I'm Eighteen", Alice Cooper

"Enjoy the Silence", Depeche Mode

Ok, before you guys rip into me, at least listen to these songs a few times.

Observation: probably just about anyone's top five desert island songs will be based on one three things: (1) nostalgia (2) a current struggle or (3) whatever they think will most impress their buddies. :)