Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lynchland: The Liam Lynch Podcast

Liam Lynch is the last guy I would have guessed to have the do-it-yourself spirit. I mean, he did a show for MTV (Sifl and Olly). He’s the guy responsible for that “United States of Whatever” song. He’s buddies with Jack Black. How could this guy possibly have an indie mindset?

But it’s true! Liam Lynch is a true blue spokesman for the independent media. He believes in the revolution, friends! Just check out his new podcast, Lynchland, which you can download from or Itunes. Liam’s vision for the future of visual media is clear: 100% independent production, free from the touch of the corporate world, all thanks to the proliferation of technology! Why should the corporate world have so much to say about our entertainment choices? As one of Liam’s songs put so eloquently, “Internet killed the video star.”

Just think about part of Liam’s manifesto, which he’s been spewing on Lynchland: “Watching any TV show is becoming more and more frustrating and more and more a waste of time because you can’t access it at your own will…Podcasting is really to me cable access TV for the world except you can do it right out of your house. And to me that is so exciting: to just say, ‘Everybody jump on a surfboard that goes over and crushes every television station ever’….There’s going to be podcasts that are more popular than TV shows and these large companies are going to have to find a ways of getting their advertisement into some kid’s podcast that he’s making in his basement.”

It is an exciting vision for the future of entertainment. Will visual entertainment finally be freed from the shackles of the Clear Channel, Sony, Donald Trump, etc.? Liam’s passion for the independent media is inspiring, but what is really great about Lynchland is that it is so entertaining.

Lynchland is a variety show. Liam throws together his music videos, animations, absurdist comedy skits (a la Andy Milonakis) and spiel for a really creative mix. Sifl and Olly make some appearances, along with Chester. (Check out Chester’s recipe in episode two.) Liam is also a big tech head, so he talks about his animations, favorite video games and the future of robots in the home. I think the show will be worth following if for no other reason than to hear about Liam cloning his favorite cat, Frankie Forcefield (see episode five for more on cloning Frankie). Probably the best thing about Lynchland is that it is brimming with personality; the show is a representation of Liam and his friends, not an advertisement for zit cream. (That’s right! I’m calling you out, MTV!)

Apparently, Lynchland has over 90,000 viewers. Maybe Liam’s vision will come true sooner than later.


Tim said...

I will make it a personal goal to watch a couple of these episodes today and then more fully comment tomorrow. I am intrigued my the podcast (esp video podcasts) world and fully immersed in Ricky Gervais' podcast (which is hilarious) and several others.


Gervais is hilarious. Have you watched the new one where they're watching Brokeback Mountain together? Best one yet.

Tim said...

Yes, ALIEN, the Gervais podcast with Brokeback is the funniest.

I watched two and a half episodes of "Lynchland" tonight, and I'm sorry, but I don't share your enthusiasm. I would have to say that your quote of Liam's quote (err...) about cable access for the world...This feels like cable access, and the only cable access show I've seen that was good wasn't really cable access (I'm thinking, "schwing!")

There are several things that could be done to improve this podcast without losing the flavor of all feels a bit masturbatory to me. Liam says it best in Episode 2, "What inspires you to do all the things that you do?" ..."An artist creates to see himself in the second person, to appreciate/love himself through that medium..."

I DO appreciate his revolutionary mindset, however.

Five podcasts/video podcasts that are more worth one's time than Lynchland.
1.The Ricky Gervais Show
2.Strong Bad Emails and More
3.Best Week Ever Podcast
4.PTI (ESPN's Pardon the Interruption
5.Ebert & Roeper

Ok, I don't really believe that list, but the first two, definitely.


"Masturbatory"? How crude, Tim.

What you consider to be "masturbatory" is exactly what I find charming about Lynchland. It is personal. I feel like I am are getting to know Liam as I watch Lynchland.

Podcasts like Liam's have the potential to inspire community rather than breed technological isolation.

Tim, how could you not fall in love with Rick the Butterfly? "Trip, trip, trip to the valley of the butterfly!"

I will say, however, that I also share your love of Strong Bad and the Teen Girl Squad.

Give Liam another chance, though. You should at least make it to "The Questions Tour with Max Mecocklenous" in Episode Six. If that doesn't win you over, then you can give up.

JohnLDrury said...

Thanks for the tip off! As for the revolution, the question plaguing me is whether such podcasts create communities or provide artistic expression for pre-existing communities. The idea of an artist as self-generating is questionable at least. The number of hits per day cannot answer this question alone. Who are the hits? Where are they coming from? These are fascinating questions beyond Lynchland that doubleback to the purpose of a blogzine like Alien Corpse itself!

ufowatcher21 said...

podcastin? Do I need one of them white scrolly thingies?
I like aliens too...