Wednesday, May 30, 2007

17 is Prime vol 1

Alien Corpse has embarked on it's first mixtape voyage, 17 is Prime. Every Thursday, the contributors will be giving a taste of what has been gracing their ears for the last week. Expect 17 unexpected tracks. Listen, enjoy, and support the artists.

Vol. 1 Track listing and contributors:

01 Panda Bear-Take Pills-JH
02 Master of None-Beach house-BW
03 Sailor's Tale-King Crimson-JD
04 Mikado(Spydeburg Demo)-Jaga Jazzist-BW
05 Fans-Kings of Leon-JS
06 Black Grease-The Black Angels-JH
07 The Return of Evil Bill-Clinic-BW
08 Roll With It-Oasis-JD
09 Hot Knives-Bright Eyes-JS
10 Mama, Won't You Keep Those Castles in the Air & Burning?-CYHSY!-JS
11 Hang Me Up To Dry-Cold War Kids-BW
12 Finer Feelings-Spoon-BW
13 TV Torso-Sound Team-BW
14 Sick, Sick, Sick-Queens of the Stone Age-BW
15 Apocalypso-Mew-BW
16 Innocence-Bjork-BW
17 Crazy-Andy Zipf-Bw

Find download link in comments.


Anonymous said...

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Tim Horsman said...

This is a very necessary addition to the Corpse. Cheers to Brad for the idea, execution, and design!

I will pass on some songs for next week...I guess I was too busy mourning the move from Hawaii - only 12 days left.

Anonymous said...

Understood....Too bad I'm gonna be there in December. That blows!