Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Heinrich Maneuver

The new Interpol single is available on iTunes now. Or you can stream it here. Go listen to it now. It's okay; I'll wait.

Okay...what do you think? What are you expecting from the new album? It's due July 10th and will be their first on Capital Records. Tell me, corpsers, how do you feel about that?

Dan S.


jason shrontz said...

that song is great. i have been looking forward to this album for a very long time. in fact, since i heard "slow hands" on a local radio station--late hours--while pulling into my cousin, jacob's house almost 2 years ago. i love this band. kings of leon and interpol are the greatest bands (recent bands) in my life right now. built to spill is up there though.

Daniel Szombathy said...

Yes, Built to Spill does rule. "Goin' Against Your Mind" is amazing. It's two-chord jam rock. If you dig that that you should listen to this old German band called Neu!

"Slow Hands" was a great single, too. "Heinrich" sounds like it fits in with the Antics album, which makes sense. I'm secretly hoping Interpol will release a single that will take over the country, and get all of the kids to stop listening to Panic at the Disco.

But I also like Interpol being "my band" amongst my friends here in Illinois, too. It's a catch-22: I want them to be on the radio, and I want to be snobby about my music.

Tim Horsman said...

That's the catch with every band I like. The problem is that "popularity" is inevitable with Interpol, because they rule.

I hope there is a little more of the "turn on the bright lights" vibe-y stuff, like Leif Erikson, etc.

This single is very good and I don't think the new label will affect their "sound" or their style - Carlos D is the best musician in the world, already -- inside his head.

Anonymous said...

"It's a catch-22: I want them to be on the radio, and I want to be snobby about my music."

That's the Dan I know!

I can appreciate that comment so much!

Jason Heron said...

I'm not one to automatically assume that major-label sign-up will equal dilution of the great things about a band, even though this is a verifiable phenomenon.
And since Interpol is continually hovering around #1 for me, I'm allowing myself to be hopeful, no matter what label they are on, and no matter what they decide to do, and no matter what happens in my life.
"The Heinrich Maneuver" did two things for me: it made me happy groupie-giddy all over, and it made me happy groupie-giddy all over.
As far as I'm concerned, Carlos D could take a soap-bubble wand out of his deep, dark holster, and blow bubbles for an hour, and I would think Interpol is the best thing since David and his lyre.

jason shrontz said...

j, you wrote something about carlos D's wand, and all i can say is that I look very much forward to your one liners like that, especially when they are aimed toward music, movies, people from marion or sex. you are incredible and funny.

stacey and i are planning a trip to KY, ("the state, not the jelly" as your wife informed me last time i called for your address) so stick around there till we arrive.

Daniel Szombathy said...

I like people from Marion.

Now people from Michigan...

jason shrontz said...

i like people from marion too. i didn't mean that as insults against people from marion. ya know who else i like? interpol. i'll say it again, this band is incredible. can't wait to get that album and the wilco album.

joedavis04 said...

The new song is great, but I dont feel it resembles the direction of the new Interpol album. perhaps this track would have fit better in Interpol's last album "Antics".