Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7 is also Prime. 17 is Prime vol. 7

Number 7 has been spotted over several cities world-wide! It's almost as powerful as the almighty Allspark! Although, Megatron has nothing on this mix!

Sector 7 is watching. Beware while downloading.

Tracklist and contributors:

DL link in comments.


Anonymous said...

Jason Heron said...

Haven't listened, but the selection looks nice. However - where is everybody? Jason, Tim, Alex? What the eff?

Anonymous said...

I know, right. Probably making out.

jason shrontz said...

really lovin "the enemy" and "animal collective" tracks on this mix. any insight into their albums? which to check out, etc.

Anonymous said...

Both tracks where from leaks. Pretty much all Animal Collective albums are great. Panda Bear is Animal Collective as Animal Collective is Panda Bear. AC's earlier stuff is little less poppie and may take a few listens to get into.

The Enemy track is from the album, "We Live and Die in These Towns". If you want more of a "sample" let me know via the world wide web electronic mail.

Tim Horsman said...

I think that this is the best mix yet... Cheers to Ryan Adams for writing a song I don't hate (I haven't listened to most of his stuff), and to Animal Collective for memorializing Al Green in a way I'm sure he would deem nearly acceptable.

Jeers to (Smog) and "Soltero" for writing two songs that bore me to tears and make me struggle to get to the NEXT button so quickly that I've almost been in accidents (that's plural and it's the truth) driving to work this week. Something about that combination of spoken word mode of masturbatory philosophizing in song makes me queasy. Sorry Jason...I just hate those songs.

On the plus side though, J, the Amsterdam song is GREAT!

And another thing...Where is Dan's mix...Dan? Brad? What the dealy-o?