Thursday, January 03, 2008

Heron's Favorite Songs 2007

We didn't do this last year. I think it's a good idea, as a couple of tracks made it onto my song list that weren't on albums in my album list.
I think these are in order as well.

1. "(Antichrist Television Blues)" - Arcade Fire
2. "Bros" - Panda Bear
3. "Crystal Cat" - Dan Deacon
4. "At Death, A Proclomation" - Phosphorescent
5. "Ed is a Portal" - Akron/Family
6. "House of Cards" - Radiohead
7. "Up Against the Wall" - Peter, Bjorn & John
8. "No I in Threesome" - Interpol
9. "Just As You Are" - Robert Wyatt
10. "Change of Heart" - Teddy Thompson

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Daniel Szombathy said...

I downloaded "Ed is a Portal".'s gonna take a while to process that one. :)